View Full Version : Bills lake 2 heads up please :-)

14-05-2013, 17:52
Hi folks goin here in July if anyone can give me a few pointers if they've fished it,would be greatful of any info :-)

Thanks Matt

14-05-2013, 18:42
Only fished Lake 1 but I will say Bill it a top bloke and willing to help

16-05-2013, 23:57
Hi mate me my old man and a few mates have fiah lake 2 three times and lake 1 5 times. Nice place. Bills a top bloke and will let you get on with your fishing. Unlike some bailiffs!!!! When we fish lake 2 all our fish were from the far magin 1/2 to 1 rod length off via a bait boat to drop rigs and walking round to bait up by hand. Tigers and maize with plenty of hemp. Lots of mini cats were a pain on boilies so stacks of maize or tigers produced most bites. Pm me if you need anymore info. Drew

23-05-2013, 07:01
Anybody else got anything to share :norty: pretty please :)

21-07-2013, 18:58
Hi folks going next Saturday so if anyone got any info they care to share much appreciated:-)