View Full Version : Cemex Stndicate Application Form

05-05-2013, 18:04
Just received an application form for a cemex syndicate, anybody know which is the quickest way to get the ticket in my hand? Is it best just to fill out the form and post it back or try and pay over the phone?

05-05-2013, 18:07
What lake is it as the cemex fisheries were all up for sale and I think the only way to pay is you have to send a cheque in

05-05-2013, 18:14
It's one of the ones they didn't sell and it says on the form pay by check in post or by telephone. Just wanted to know which will be the quickest as I know it can be hard to get hold of the people in the office over the phone.

Cray pool
05-05-2013, 18:27
Ring Wednesday and Pete is in the office pay over phone , if you send it by cheque he will do it on Wednesday week so ring this Wednesday