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04-01-2001, 22:44
I thought maybe it would be a good idea if some of you explained how you would go about fishing at extreme range. By that I mean over a hundred and say thirty yards range.

How your tackle differs from normal and how you would set up mainline, shock leaders etc. Would you use different methods to the norm etc?

04-01-2001, 23:26
okay lets start with the mainline, for me it has to be braid for its lack of stretch, very abrasion resistant and low in diameter.
I've messed around with a few brands and have settled on two types. Fox submerge and Berkley whiplash. Submerge as it seems to be the only sinking braid that doesn't bleach out to bad. Whiplash for its diameter, totally awesome when trying to hit the horrizon in a head wind.

Shockleader, has to be quicksilver. You can get your knot so small using this material, unlike mono leaders. I also glue my leader knot just to make sure.

The business end - Terminal tackle. Keep it simple, short hooklinks, Short hairs. The simpler it is, the less chance of a tangle. Leads, for me its a 4 1/2 zipp lead. The weight of the lead is important, as 4 1/2 oz gives me a perfect compression on my rods for casting these sort of distances.

Indication - without a dou't it has to be springers for there sensitivity at range. I fish tight as i can to the lead, if a fish moves that lead, i want to know about it. Hence my choice of tackle.

Bait - Normally i don't like using attractor baits but for distance fishing, perfect. As your normally fishing single hookbaits. I have yet to see anybody put out free offerings 130yrd+.


05-01-2001, 10:20
I wonder how many people can actually compress a 12 or 13 foot 3lb+ test curve rod, I know I can't, the only people who I knew that could were the likes of Rob Maylin and his crew.

05-01-2001, 13:44
Right well I have got a twelve and a half foot two and a quarter test curve Trident. What do you lot reckon would be the best tackle to go with it so that I make the best use of it for range fishing?

Cheers for your help.

05-01-2001, 14:49
Has anyone tried using the pendullum cast to get to distances of 150yds+ with normal 12ft rods and not even using big pit reals?? Its a top method, but it takes practice to increase on accuracy. Its one of the casts they use for sea fishing off the beach!!!

05-01-2001, 14:57
For a 12.5 foot 2.2lb test curve rod most people these days would tell you to put a 3oz lead on and hit it hard, persoanlly I would put a 2.5oz in line lead on, 8lb mainline and a 12lb or 15lb shock leader.

05-01-2001, 15:30
Get yourself down to toysarus and invest 30 or 40 quid in a reasonable dingy and a set of oars. Await the dark and away you row. It's amazing how far you can row around without anyone ever even knowing your'e out there !

But if the boat is not a realistic option..... With 2 1/2 TC rods I would go for 8lb mainline, decent leeder, 2.5 oz lead and give it the biggun. If you can master the pendulum fair play, cos I nearly killed myself trying to perfect it !


05-01-2001, 16:39
I would go to the far bank and fish the margins /images/forum/icons/smile.gif


05-01-2001, 16:44
I can compress a zziplex tournament beachcaster which would be about a 5lb test curve rod, it is all in the casting style. I can cast a 5oz lead over 200yards with ease and 170yds off a beach baited up. The rod has to be exactly the right dimensions for the angler, you need a lot of spaces and for heavens sake use a shock leader. 10lb BS for every oz. of weight you use. As for compressing a 3lb TC carp rod.... in comparison to beach casting gear that is just a boys rod.


05-01-2001, 16:45
I would never consider trying to pendulum cast at a lake.... very dangerous and you need a top quality rod to do this... I can see come fatalities here if you lot aint careful


05-01-2001, 17:19
I'll agree on that one.

One thing, when everyone has made these 1 mile long casts and everyones baits are in a 1 metre area in the middle of the lake, I'll drop a bait right in the edge to catch all them lovely carp swimming under your lines.


05-01-2001, 21:31
Wise words Tony.
For long range I don't change much because my rigs are multi purpose the only thing I do like to use is flurocarbon mainline around 150 yards then with ESP 15lb mono to back it up but fishing at range is not somthing I like to do unless it is vital for me to catch a fish and never use backleads or flying backleads.

05-01-2001, 21:46
My personal choice is 13foot 3 1/2 Orbitors with Arlex 8000 loaded with 14lb Spiderwire fusion.ESP shock leaders and Mickels leads 4oz zips.I'm regularly doing 140 plus but then I've spent 5 years practicing.My casting style is to use an off the ground or a South African style cast.Distance takes time and practice.But is not the be all and end all just another part of carp fishing.

05-01-2001, 22:20
Have you tried using a length of guttering to place the lead and rig in when the weight is behind you? You will get more distance and not get caught up... I use impact shields and always clip my baits up on the beach, also did you know if you used a smaller bait or an oval shaped bait you will get an extra 5 yards? I can do 250yds on a field with a 6oz lead and probably if using my beach caster and a 5 oz 225yds baited up, I use 15lb mono mainline and a 60lb tapered shockleader, I do a half pendulum cast and also the south african. I actually cast a 2oz spinner 165yards at shepperton with my 3lb TC pike rod as well /images/forum/icons/smile.gif it is all in the technique I use an Aerlex reel filled to the brim with 15lb mono


23-01-2001, 12:43
Have a ganders at dictator Zs,the older models are bang on
wicked for playing a fish and they can thrash a 3oz zipp to the horizon,i have also heard good things about the SPs aswell,
Keep it thrashed