View Full Version : lake at northfleet

02-07-2012, 20:05
any info lads pm me please,cheers

Destination Carp
02-07-2012, 20:19
Near the station?

If so its the Blue Lake run by TWAPS

any info lads pm me please,cheers

02-07-2012, 20:58
Thats the one looked on website not much info ive also emailed but no reply is there a waiting list?thanks

03-07-2012, 15:15
New members can't fish it as swims are disappearing under rising water levels. That's what the club told me last year wen I made enquiries. As the only other waters are pasty waters I didn't join.

03-07-2012, 20:55
Fished Blue Lake for years prior to the pump being switched off.

Saw recent pictures and my god its changed. I fished it through the late 80s to mid 90s and there were some stunning fish in there, as the stocking density was pretty much unknown.

The fish in there are stunners, but its a bit of a jungle to fish now with the water levels rising and totally flooding every swim.

Depths now range, but invariably immediately off the bankside it drops to 15/20ft, deepest I found was 70ft, generally 30 to 40ft is the norm.