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13-06-2001, 16:24
Did anyone see the 51lb 4oz catfish caught out of Marsworth Reservoir in Anglers Mail today.
Surely this has to be the biggest English born and bred cat ever, and should be recognised as such.
Even if it's not well done to Gary Dolan.

14-06-2001, 07:50
Couldnt agree more ,im not knocking the young lad with a very creditable 9.12lb tench but surely this is just as meritous and deserves a fox weekly winners prize if not the months prize!

14-06-2001, 12:06
Jack and Ian,
Having phoned A.M. to ask why it did not win a prize, I was told they have to go on the biggest fish caught that week per species.
So is this going to happen with the carp record?
Will there come a time when there is no official carp record and we have to sit back and say this is the real record.
It's all very sad.

14-06-2001, 16:04
I think that is a very poor statement from A.M. I can't beleive it is so blinkered!

Someone in the know should have a word with them, anyone who has an ounce of angling history knowledge knows that the tring fish are 100% original and to catch that fish when ultra high calibre anglers have sat there for years and not come anywhere near, is one acheivement which deserves recognition.

Bloody foreign imports!

Made In England

14-06-2001, 17:35
All i can say is well done to the angler concerned it will make the record books soon i hope top stuff hopefully more to come /images/forum/icons/wink.gif hope u get ur prize too /images/forum/icons/smile.gif

Tony Pierson

14-06-2001, 22:30
it's a superb fish, congrats to the captore,,,, have had the plesure of seeing the fish on the bank and it look fantastic, plenty more room for growth and not pressures too much so hopefully one day it will beat the 64lb er or whatever the last officicial record is, surely then the records commity must re instate this species into the record books as no man could deny that these are 100 % pure english cats,


21-06-2001, 09:09
That's one helluva cat for an english fish. Well done to the angler concerned.
Stuff the silly prize from the "comics" i'd much rather have the memory of catching such a superb specimen. Well done !!

21-06-2001, 15:12
I was fortunate enough to receive the call from Gary just after he landed the fish. I don't know him and i'm unsure how or why he called me, but i was priviledged to hear about such a special achievment first hand. Luckily i was with Bally at the time and he took the main details.
An outstanding capture from a true water.
A big congratulations.