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02-01-2001, 10:29
hi loads now dont take the [censored word] out of me but what is a syndicate. i really have no idea please enlighten me

02-01-2001, 19:38
My version of a syndicate is when a water attracts dedicated carp anglers with a lot of money it turns into a syndicate to earn more revenue and stem the amount of anglers permitted to fish there. You can probably realise I am not a syndicate fan. A question for you all, are there any syndicates that you know of that do not specialise in one speicies? Or aim at specialising in one species?


03-01-2001, 08:18
When I was a kid my mate used to get guest visits from his neighbour at a syndicate lake. It was only fished for it's wild carp and monster perch. Also I was talking to a bloke at work and he says the syndicates he's in are really just very exclusive angling clubs that only control one or two lakes and have a long wating list. I think one of the attractions of a syndicate is you have top fishing and less people to compete against for the fish.

03-01-2001, 11:38
It's an exclusive club if you like.
I cannot afford them,but can see the benefits.The cost is high as a 'total' amount of monies has to come from a tiny percentage of anglers of those that would fish the lake if it was not syndicate.
It's good from a fishery point of view as it is less pressured in a way and the fish are looked after without a risk of some 'nobby' coming down using death rigs etc....
The best reason is that the few anglers in the syndicate are accountable for what goes on in and around the lake.If tins are left in bushes,as an example of bad behaviour, then it's easier to deal with than on a fishery with 1000's of visitors etc.
I'm sure there are more benefits....any advice Ian?


03-01-2001, 11:42
haveing esablished i think what a syndicate is how much are they to join, does this price include one season? will the carpark lake at yatley stay a syndicate or not? how long is its waiting list

03-01-2001, 12:07
The Car Park will remain a syndicate along with the North lake,(this is in a post somewhere),and is around £400 to join,(check in the guide book).
The waiting list I would imagine is HUGE as it really is a water with history and some of the biggest BRITISH carp in the country.........Ps it's DEAD hard!
It's best to mail Ian Welch to find out how long the list is.


03-01-2001, 17:02
Wooton is a syndicate that really only hold's tench, and they're not massive these day's. Trout reservoirs only open to pike anglers to fish with lures, that's a type of syndication, you could join the arena syndicate to catch some massive roach.

It's like any sport, if you want the best you have to pay for it.

I spent last year fishing 11 different waters, you know the type, £14 for 3 rods for 24 hours, I spent a fortune, this year I am joining a syndicate which is going to cost me £160.00, I'll save a fortune!

Make your own minds up!

04-01-2001, 16:43
The North & Car Park lake has about 3-4 years wait. If you would like your name added mail me on [email protected] or give me a call 01276 453300

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04-01-2001, 23:02
There are plenty of syndicates which cover more than one species.
But carp pay for the falcilites,I'm sure the Boat Pool would not be such a nice place to fish without them.
It costs a lot less to fish for Cats than Carp and the Cats dont come with a passport in RMC waters.

Bob Hornegold

05-01-2001, 19:24
ive been a member of a few syndicates there not just for carpers ,what they do is to keep the numbers down so that the anglers who fish the waters know there going to get a swim when they turn up ,you don't get a better angler you do get a lot more respect for each member .one lake i fish people bait the swim they wan't to fish others leave it alone out of respect ,they inturn choose there area and fish, all the time knowing that someones who no one knows is not going to turn up and fish there baited area as the people in that sydicate all know which area is being fished ,long may they cointinue

09-02-2001, 19:58
Just out of curiosity how many anglers are the really major syndicates (eg the yately, horton and wraysbury waters) limited to?

09-02-2001, 23:18
Are those mainly Carp & Cat anglers Ian?


11-02-2001, 20:02
Thanks for the info Ian.

26-02-2001, 16:40
cheers guys for all you help i understand what a syndicate is know!
In a couple of years after i get a bit more experience behind me i hope to see you all when i join the Car Park syndicate ! Cant wait (better start saveing)

19-03-2001, 20:53
what happens if when your appliction letter comes you can't for whatever reason get it, but you might the next year for example. do you get put at the bottom again or do get put on hold till the next season arrives?
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19-03-2001, 21:43
thanks for the info ian,