View Full Version : wanted braid

25-11-2011, 15:41
Guna get some cheap rods n reals next wk for piking so will need some braid to fill 2 spools . If ne1 has ne spare let me know.or sugestions on where to get some cheap as our local shop seems a bit pricey

25-11-2011, 23:13
Greeny, there's some Dyneema from the Hong Kong bod thats had some good reviews for next to nowt plus 7.95 postage on't bay at the mo. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PE-100-DYNEEMA-BRAID-FISHING-LINE-300M-60LB-0-40mm-SG-/160687863865?pt=UK_SportingGoods_FishingAcces_RL&hash=item2569be3839

Failing that, I'm on Ron Thompson Dyna Cable in 65lb, its around 25-30 for 300m, like it a lot.