View Full Version : Baingstoke Canal (Woking End)

04-06-2001, 12:29
Has anyone had much experience on this water? I went for a cycle up it this weekend and saw some very large shoal of Roach and Bream. Also at one point there were a number of large carp cruising around one of the pools, will have to wait till the 16th though.

04-06-2001, 12:45
My flat used to back on to the canal in St Johns. I never fished it because WDAA had so many other nice waters, but I used to watch the tench spawning every June and there were lots of them ! Further up towards Brookwood the carp started showing and a friend of mine used to catch lots just walking up and down with a loaf of bread and stalking rod (from the pool near The Surrey pub onwards). I think they stocked grass carp to try and get the weed down the year I moved away (1996).


04-06-2001, 13:09
Good for tench and high double carp. Many fall to floaters and it's a few quid on dayticket if a new bailiff has been found.....else it's free!