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27-09-2011, 11:00
Can anyone tell me what the pike fishing is like in the winter pls ?

norwich lad
27-09-2011, 20:41
Pm preffered eh ben!

going by the pike forums,your type question rarely get a response. someone may help though.

28-09-2011, 04:23
Let's hope so.

28-09-2011, 11:42
Can anyone tell me what the pike fishing is like in the winter pls ?
Cold if the last two years are anything to go on, possibly lumpy water as well.
Apologies Ben, just keeping up with the normal level of response...:nuts: :bonk: :norty:

28-09-2011, 15:20
Do a bit of leg work, one mans good is another mans poor, and enyway if it was good it would be to late, cat out the bag and all that, good luck.

28-09-2011, 16:02

If nobody can answer questions about waters like this then not many are piking on them or are and are keeping quiet, get your rods out and have a few sessions moving around mate, it may pay dividends.

I did exactly this on Twyford and raped it, the carp anglers thought there were no big pike.............how wrong they were, give it a crack mate.

28-09-2011, 16:49
Me and a mate did the same on twyford 10 years back or more,how time flys


28-09-2011, 17:07
Similar time Gary, the swim that backed onto the weir where you had to walk through the bushes, I had a fair few 20 plus pike in the edge there

28-09-2011, 18:06
we use to love it when the locals said no pike in here mate
then we pee them off catchin,happend on a few venues

the best one was kingsmead wow what a place that was in the 90s

28-09-2011, 18:09
Wellmans water off the M4 for me mate.........guesting for lumps ;)

28-09-2011, 18:15
yes forgot that one,big ameys to,chris tarrent was fishing there at that time

28-09-2011, 18:44
ive had some out of pit 1 up 2 about 10lb but most r around 4lb to 6lb ive been told off a very big 1 coming of the hook at the net , but most pike anglers that have stopped to have a chat in the hart of winter when im carp fishing say the some just small ones , but it is called the pike pit so u never no :-)