View Full Version : Stockings (xmas ones not........) lol

24-12-2000, 11:39
If you could have anything for xmas what would it be?? And dont say the biggest carp in the world lol.

Merry xmas and a happy new year to you all. Even happier and merrier to you at RMC toooooo. Oh and Neil I hope you and yours have a good one toooo.

24-12-2000, 14:45
Well if I was fitter it would have to be a 20lb+ carp every month of the year.

Bob Hornegold

24-12-2000, 16:50
I dont think she would fit in my stocking so Ill have to chose something else!
I wouldnt mind one of those Terry Hearn bedchairs, or another rod or something.

24-12-2000, 17:36
Another 20lb+ out of the split lake. i think i have already had my christmas present by catching a 21:12lb carp from the split lake ( personnal best).


24-12-2000, 18:10
All I could hope for for
Christmas, is another year like this one. I have had a very succesful year with over 20, 20lb ers, lets hope for the same in 2001!! Merry Christmas to everyone one. From John.

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24-12-2000, 20:34
Hi Nobby

See you soon on the pit...

Hop you are ( Keeping it Real )!!!


24-12-2000, 20:40
I am still trying to work out why a she is called "Bazil" and a he is called "Mary" very strange to say the least, maybe we ought to take lessons in "telling the difference" Just a joke guys, it is Christmas after all /images/forum/icons/laugh.gif


26-12-2000, 22:43
all I want is summer to come early so I can start surface fishing again I get bord sat behind my rods all day.

26-12-2000, 22:46
Who would want the biggest fish in the world theres no fun in that I would be happy with a roach right now I hav'nt had a double figure carp since I went to Horseshoe in the summer.

30-12-2000, 16:03
bazil was named after fawlty towers, bazil forty get it
chris ball i belive named mary after his girl/boy friend only joking chris,but im sure he did name it

30-12-2000, 21:48
Have you considered fishing the rivers for carp dave? Neil will help you with some useful hints and I don't that includes bottles of Port /images/forum/icons/smile.gif


31-12-2000, 09:01
Tony here's atip go chub fishing untill it warms up a bit