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20-05-2001, 09:36
Just returned from the Pads Lake and I would like to thank all the guys who gave up a weekend to help the prize winners.Some of you jumped in at the last minute and did a great job.
Well done to Ian for feeding us all over the weekend.
I personally enjoyed every minute of it and had a great laugh.
Well done to all the juniors on what was not an easy weekend fishing wise.
The support given to this event from the tackle trade is outstanding and I'm sure all the sponsors will be thanked by Ian and Anglers Mail in the event write ups.
More organisations should do more to help the kids so full marks to RMC and Anglers Mail and to the guys who gave up their own time which is often in short supply when it comes to fishing.

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20-05-2001, 16:57
Just as I thought,not too many people interested in the juniors.

20-05-2001, 17:22
Hmmmm well I hope they all had a good time. And I reckon that it is excellent that all of you gave your time to help those youngsters that went to this fish in. Well done and keep up the good work.


20-05-2001, 18:29
Thank you to all the helpers I had a really great time.
the trade support was excellent as neil said and it was just a really fun atmosphere. Great food again In.
I feel a bit sorry for viv though apparently his kid was a nightmare.

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21-05-2001, 08:06
Hi Neil

Great weekend, it was a bit of a shame there weren't more fish out but I think the lads still had a good time and hopefully learn't a little bit.

I was knackered when I got home, cheers for the food and beers Ian, as I said if you need a hand in the future just let me know.

Well done to Tom for his swimming antics to free a snagged fish as well, top angling!

Made In England

21-05-2001, 08:45
The only thing that let the whole event down was that Neil only carries one tea bag................................Lol!

I went down to say "Hello" and it looked like everyone was enjoying themselves...the kids were still keen as mustard although things were quiet. The fish kept showing just to wind them up!!

It was great to meet up again with various people and they have to be congratulated on their efforts and time given, along with oodles of patience, to ensure the kids enjoyed themselves.
A big pat on the back to the young lad with Neil, who baited up an area to enable someone else to catch.....totally unselfish.


21-05-2001, 13:25
Good on 'im!!
Any chance of posting the results up here,Ian....or is it being prepared as a feature etc....?


21-05-2001, 13:41
I WILL make it next time, sorry i couldn't have been there to help out.
Glad to hear that everyone had a good time, and i'm especially pleased that some of the lads did catch.
As Neil said top marks to RMC & Anglers mail for supporting the event along with the rest of the trade.

21-05-2001, 13:50
And Ian for doing all the cooking!

Mind you I don't think I'm going to eat another Burger or Sausage for a good few weeks! LOL LOL

Made In England

21-05-2001, 15:59
i wasnt asked!! i didnt know anything about it until i turned up at a very empty kingsmead on saturday!

oh well, i fished with gaffer and had a good laugh anyway. i will remember you all when i have my *own* fish in.




21-05-2001, 18:27
just to say a big thank you to all the people at the fish in
1st class company I will admit it put everything into perspective with my own fhishing I havn't laughed so much on the bank for a long time, fishing is for fun if more people saw the looks on those kids faces they would understand. as for the Yatley cavemen still pushing that square wheel barrow down the path that will stay with me for a long long time. Thankyou RMC & Anglers Mail keep up the good work.

21-05-2001, 20:05
14th/15th be afraid be very afraid it will be total mayhem.

21-05-2001, 20:17
I don't know the meaning of the word afraid..........I'm afraid. Stick me on your list for Burghfield Ian. Manic kids, you got to love'em.