View Full Version : Shallow/deep in winter?

23-12-2000, 20:36
I was just thinking a bit about where fish are more comfortable in winter.
At first my thoughts were deep water because it is supposed to take longer to cool.
But I also think shallower water can be very good once the whole lake has cooled.
Think about it, how many of you go or have ever been snorkeling/swimming or diving in the sea. Whenever I go the water is always the warmest in the shallows and the further out and deeper I go the colder it gets.
Surely this must be the same in lakes, I think this is to do with the amount of sunlight going into the shallower water keeps it warmer whereas the deeper water gets darker and not as much warm light can get through.
Im still not sure, any ideas?


23-12-2000, 21:51

Deep water is warmer if the air temperature is low... you can have the shallows at +2 and the deeper could be as high as +6, the fish will move to the shallower parts when there is a warm breeze, by saying warm I mean from the south to southwest and if the sun pops out even more so, another factor is simple physics, if something even water is moving the temperature rises, so when there is a good breeze & a ripple on the water this will warm the water, one other factor to take into account is the undercurrents, when the body of water moving in the direction of the wind hits a bank it will be forced down to a level usually 4' below the surface, so looking at it logically if you are fishing where there is 4' of water with the wind in your face there is a good chance the fish may be there..... all this information is trout related as I fish for trout a lot but it does work for course fish as well. I am not too sure about the Carp but it wouldn't surprise me if it worked for them too.