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26-11-2010, 08:42
hi im fishing thorney weir this weekend, gna be a cold one, has any1 fished here and had any luck??:thumbs:

26-11-2010, 17:10
Hi mate

I'm from Staffordshire but did about 3 months on there at the start of this year, fishing every other week. Very good lake, and to be fair, fairly easy due to the volume of carp in there.

There are a few swims better than others, most of the fish I caught were from the point at the top end of the lake (think its called river point) as it has the river directly behind you, with an island in front (which I caught in the daytime from on Choddies cast tight to the island) and the second to last swim as you walk around the lake, as that hits a good area of water, were the fish can show first thing in the morning and be fairly close to you.

The lake got loads easier when the weed came up, not sure if it will still be up now though (although I doubt it). I reckon your best bet is, if you were to do 48 hours, pick one of the roadside swims with a view to seeing showing fish, as they do show on there in my experience, but the fish have always shown up the far end from the car park, and be mobile to move onto anything you see - they do bubble in there and although this time of year they will be slowing down you should still have a small window of viewing time.

As for bait, maggots destroyed them on their last year, but boilies are also a good bet. The only problem found was that you generally have to catch smaller fish to get through to big uns, but the big'uns are in there. There is a lack of nuisance fish so maggots are reliable when it comes to 'not being done' by smaller fish.

An area to look for if the sun comes out are the snags and the viewing area again at the far end of the lake, as they do get in there if the water is warm enough. A fairly shallow lake, and good in the winter so I believe.

Overall keep mobile, keep your eyes peeled and keep it simple and you should catch.

Good luck and let me know how you go on.

Regards Shaun Mitchell