View Full Version : Stanstead Abbots

14-05-2001, 17:17
Is Stanstead Abbots a hard water ( carp ), is it busy, is it a nice environment. Sorry for all the questions but I'm going to be buying a ticket soon and I'm not yet decided on the venue.

I think Fishers Green sounds Great but I need venue where I can be assured a swim for at least 3 weekends seesions on the trot in July.

14-05-2001, 18:34
Try to Private PaulM, I think he has a lot of knowledge both with abotts and fishers green.


20-05-2001, 15:58
Hi ya mate Stanstead Abbots is a pucka place well looked after by the lads down there swims all in good nick, and the surroundig areas nice as well, it does somtimes get busy in summer but all the times ive bin I havnt not been able to fish theres always a couple swims free, and the rewards are there mate if you dare to be different and there are some crackin fish in there.. good luck mate and let us know how you get on
Nic.B Keepin it real....