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10-05-2001, 17:05
Hiya course experts. As some of you may have read in another thread I had a load of bream on a piece of plastic corn yesterday. They were all in the three to four pound range and it was great fun catching them while my carp rods sat silent.

I went back today for a few hours and still fished for the carp but this time I used the last rod with a float and fished with bread, I ended up with around forty bream all of a similar size to the day before. The fish started spawning during the morning but that didnt seem to stop these others from feeding.

Anyway my question is really, while I was watching all these bream spawning i noticed that there were fish of every size you could think of from small skimmers right up to the odd huge looking one which sounded like a carp nearly as it thrashed amongst the smaller ones. What i wondered was if there are all these different sized fish how come all the ones i caught were of a very similar size? Also has anyone any idea how to try to catch some of these big ones when they appear to be all mixed up with fish of different sizes?

Anyway I await your replies, thanks, Andy

11-05-2001, 09:02

I would imagine that the Bream go round together by year class or similar. You must have been sitting on a shoal of fish, and giving them enough food to keep them feeding.

If you want to catch the bigger ones, then apply your carp fishing knowledge. By that i mean look for the areas where the smaller fish don't get caught, or where bigger fish have come from in the past.

Got to admit though that BIG Bream are nice. Double figure fish are a different thing altogether to the "snotty's".


11-05-2001, 11:57
I was just talking to some mates of mine who fish Savay, they say there are three year groups, 2/3lbs, 6/7lbs and BIG.
As with all big fish they are not easy to catch by design, but if you drop on a shoal that are feeding thats a different story.
One night a few years ago when carp fishing at Nazing Meads,
I dropped on a Bream shoal and caught all night most of the fish were over 8lbs.
The following night I went back with more suitable tackle and you guest it the shoal had moved on.
I was told not to report the capture as they did not want noddys in the water?

11-05-2001, 13:33
Hmmm yes i see what you mean about them being as hard as the carp to catch when they get big, old and wiley. I went back today and the bream were still going nuts spawning, I wandered around for a while after having a chat with DaytimeDave and found some carp in a little snaggy corner. 27.12 of Leney looking mirror in my landing net. I am over the moon at the moment especially as I didnt catch it on a boilie, i caught it on a piece of balanced flake. I think it is one (if not the, ) prettiest fish i have ever caught.

Big bream next if theyre in there I think. lol

11-05-2001, 14:43
Well done mate.

11-05-2001, 23:39
Well done Andy, there are bigger ones in there than that as well, did you see any? There is a common I have seen there well over 30, it normally sits amongst the snags over the back of the fishery. Takes off the top too. I have never been able to catch it though.


12-05-2001, 09:27
I saw quite a few fish Tony but none that looked that big. I was going to catch one of the smaller commons but then I noticed the big one come in from the right and lowered my bait in front of that instead.

I will hopefully see about some of the others when the conditions are right again.

20-05-2001, 09:44
Near Walton on Thames bridge matey.