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11-06-2010, 16:53
sorry for reapeating a post that everyone else has done.

but me and the missus want to get a tidy d-slr, we want it to be new off the shelf,

but want an entry-level or very similar.

price - under 400 with lens. probably 18-50mm
(i have no idea what the 18-50mm is all about-but its what ive seen)

to give you the whole picture (minus the pun)

im fed up of spending between 50 and 150 on a compact digital camera and then it breaking in no time!

so for spending the extra money, hopefully getting something that will last a bit longer at least and getter better snaps.

i want it to have a lcd screen with live view. dont mind if it tilts or not.

Ive seen the Sony Alpha 330 with a 18-50mm lens at jessops for 329 and all seems good, but i need some advice on what you guys would recommend.

i will not buy from fleabay, or any sort of ads etc. only from a shop or dealer etc.

thanks in advance.


16-06-2010, 11:23
Check out camerapricebuster to see what you can afford at a glance and then research your shortlist. The eos 1000d or nikon d3000 are both in your price range.

16-06-2010, 12:25
Have a look on some of the photography websites (Canon Digital Photography, Talk Photography).

Firstly they will give you a very good insight into what you need. The guys on those sites are very knowledgable. Apologies if this sounds the wrong way, but you wouldn't ask the guys on Canon Digital Photography what the best boilie is ;)

On top of that, they have very good classifieds sections. I know you said it had to be new or a dealer but you can get some very good deals for second hand gear and save a bundle. For the money you are looking you could possibly pick up second hand with a couple of lens and a bag... just a thought :)

16-06-2010, 21:15
I bought the alpha 330

17-06-2010, 08:09
Just invested in a Canon EOS 1000D with 2 lenses, about 480 quid. Still only just playing with it but recomended as a good entry level D-SLR. Cant wait to get out on the bank and start learning.

19-06-2010, 11:25
just had a look at the lumix g1 today at 370 18-50 mm lense looks the muts nice size and weight, but im no camera buff, and i may be wrong but that seems good to me fella

19-06-2010, 11:48
I'm also looking at this camera, also....
Does anyone know what SLR's are out there with the swivell round screen?

19-06-2010, 11:59
I'm also looking at this camera, also....
Does anyone know what SLR's are out there with the swivell round screen?

as above mate check out currys seems good price

19-06-2010, 12:35
I'm also looking at this camera, also....
Does anyone know what SLR's are out there with the swivell round screen?

i'm looking too and getting well confused:bonk:

re the swivel screen most on here recommend the canon g5, canon g6 or canon powershot pro1.

good luck..............:confused:

19-06-2010, 18:08
Cannon 450d with kit lens 18-55mm lens awesome camera something that will last a very long time and can upgrade lenses as and when......i have one and wouldnt be without it now.....think you can pick them up now for about 480 but well worth that little extra :thumbs:

19-06-2010, 19:36
The Olympus e620 SLR has a fully articulated screen, and would be a great fishing camera.

20-06-2010, 06:33
The best i have seen so far for me is the Panasonic Lumix Dmc - G1.
Although not a fully classed SLR it does all i need with the flip round screen, interchangeable lenses & a cable release (not a remote system) available by a company called hahanel that can be extended to 2.8m & only costs just under 20 quid. I think the panasonic remote costs about 75 which is too much to say the least!