View Full Version : Flooding

16-02-2010, 12:51
Just wondering what peoples opinions are on flooding devastating fish populations in lakes. Do you think that floods can virtually empty a lake of it's carp or do you think it's just a few unwise fish that get caught in the torrent of water and washed down stream. I know on my local rdaa waters in the summer of 2007 whistley supposedly lost a high percentage of it's carp but sonning eye started to get several small carp suddenly appearing. Surely most big fish like carp tench and bream which are obviously more suited to still waters when you compare them to somthing like a barbel would try to avoid a fast flowing torrent of water. Also with a combination of global warming and carp escaping into rivers do you think over the next couple of decades there will be a population explosion of carp on rivers like the thames as our climate supposedly slowly gets more like spains.

16-02-2010, 13:10
If you look throughout the continent carp are just as prolific in rivers as they are in lakes, the thing with flooding is, it brings an immediate influx of food, this, coupled with the inquisitive nature of the fish will always mean a few escapee's in these conditions though I would have thought it unlikely the entire stock would dissappear.