View Full Version : R&DAA Day tickets

Henry Nash
07-02-2010, 15:30
It cost 10 does any one knoe how many rods you can use on it and also does it cover nights?

07-02-2010, 15:34
Ringwood or Reading?

Henry Nash
07-02-2010, 15:40
it the lake in newbury, hambridge lake

07-02-2010, 16:06
It's the Reading one he's looking at Humbers.

07-02-2010, 16:07
From memory you can't do nights on the "guest" tickets

07-02-2010, 16:09
From memory you can't do nights on the "guest" tickets

I was trying to find my RDAA book but I've got a feeling Hambridge is not one of the Specimen Group waters although how that impacts night fishing I don't know...Blonde Tim will however I'm sure.

Henry Nash
07-02-2010, 16:12
its not a specimen group but u can night fish it on a sinior permit dunno about the day ticket tho

07-02-2010, 16:13
cant night on day tickets. It works out about 60 to fish there for the night as its on the standard permit so no need for specimin ticket as well.

Henry Nash
07-02-2010, 16:14
ok thanks

07-02-2010, 17:45
As above really henry

hambridge is fishable on a day ticket, from one hour before sunrise untill one hour after sunset.

Night fishing is available on the senior permit.

To be eligible for a senior permit you must be 17 or older on the 15th June.

Any other quiries feel free to pm me.