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S Carp
04-02-2010, 20:43
Hey i know this lake has been brought up alot but only for carp as far as i know.

does anyone know about the silverfish stocks as i was thinking of feeder fishing down there to see if i can get a few.

any info would be great

04-02-2010, 21:09
As in packington broadwater?

S Carp
04-02-2010, 21:18
no the one on the godalming permit

04-02-2010, 21:31
no the one on the godalming permit

Dont think it's particularly good for the silver fish mate. Most matches they hold on there turn into "carp" ones and in all the time I held a ticket, I did not see many Roach or Bream come out. There are some decent Perch in there over 2lb but not classed as a mixed lake really.

If you are going to join Godalming AV then there are decent Bream and Tench in Busbridge and Marsh Farm is a good lake for a mixed bag, plus you've got Cruscians close to, or bigger than the UK record ;)

S Carp
04-02-2010, 21:34
oh right i have fished there loads of times before but only for the carp.

was thinking maybe if i did go for the smaller fish would be chance of carp aswell was considering going on maggots but after you saying that there has not been any big match hauls for roach im not sure.

04-02-2010, 21:39
I used to fish for carp and have plenty of good memories over there. My bro-in-law used to do the "one rod for carp, one rod for match" routine. He always seemed to get more action on the carp rod. Dont get me wrong, he caught Roach, but not a great amount and not to any size.

I think that the main food source being boilies probably hinders any growth that the silvers may get. Being that there is also a limit on pellet and groundbait, that makes people get more on the boilies too.

I'm sure you'll catch multi-species on there but your better bet for that type of fishing would be Busbridge, Marsh Farm and maybe even Johnsons. I'm not exactly sure what else is in there. It's mainly a carp water but there are Cruscians and big tench. Maybe someone who fishes it regular can help there

S Carp
04-02-2010, 21:47
yeah same have had a fair few twenties and upper doubles from there and usually never fails to give me a few runs.

i may give it a go on carp and one match see what happens any fish would be a bonus atm.

05-02-2010, 17:22
plus you've got Cruscians close to, or bigger than the UK record ;)

Only if you've got the right scales ;)

06-02-2010, 11:30
There were quite a few good weights of smallish roach a couple of winters ago on light lines and small hooks but apparently its been cormoranted and very few small fish coming out now.