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19-12-2000, 19:13
As we are now going into the subject of foreign fish. I would have an objection to fishing for an artificially reared 40, in the trout world there are fish artificially reared in tanks to an enormous size, introduced into a water, captured 20 minutes later, sometimes illeagally and then put up as a British record. Is this the way we are heading in the carp world? I noticed a post by Ian saying he was artificially feeding carp and then stocking them into lakes, it is okay if they are "fast fed" up to a weight of say 10 - 15lbs and then introduced like Ian said but what if they decide to breed carp and produce triploids like in the trout world. These fish could come from British stock. Would the "Keep it real" Carpers fish for these fish and claim a new record? I saw a British record trout caught by a well know angler, he was the only one alowed on the lake and was sponcered by a well known tackle company, good advertising & good business for the fishery but in my opinion a trick to the general angler and an insult on his intelligence.


19-12-2000, 20:18
like most who keep it real the fish has to have grown form a small weight 10-15 and below in the wild so when its caught at 35+ its doubled its weight i still prefer them to have grown from 8- below ,but its a personal thing
is barnes elms still open for fishing as there was some big old carp in there