View Full Version : Winter runs water needed please!

Lee S
29-01-2010, 14:10
Planning on doing a Friday->Sunday social next weekend with a mate and need some suggestions on somewhere to go?

Only requirments are that we'd be in with half a chance of some action, they don't have to be monsters. Oh and preferably somewhere that won't be shoulder to shoulder with the next bloke.

Smaller rather than larger size wise i suppose would be better, did consider giving Elphicks a bash but it's pretty much all booked up so need an alternative.

I'm in Essex (bottom of the M11) he's in Stowmarket so anything up to say 1.5 hours drive from either would be great.

Any ideas lads?

29-01-2010, 15:01
You could try Hintlesham fisheries near Ipswich...about halfway between the pair of you...or Foxearth in Sudbury...same sort of distance. Google either and you should find the websites. Altenatively you have Chigborough, Maldon or the new Cemex place near Coclchester.. Plenty more in the region aswell

29-01-2010, 15:04
As above Cemex Alresford

Lee S
29-01-2010, 16:27
cheers lads, will look into those!

might even have a run up to Waveney Valley as i've not fished it for a while or possibly Catch 22

29-01-2010, 20:37
Wrasbury 1?

10-02-2010, 14:40
Thorpe Lea fishes all the way through though it may be busy if you go weekends.

10-02-2010, 14:52
Wrasbury 1?

good call lol,

Arlesford might be worth a go mate.

10-02-2010, 15:10
beaver farm

10-02-2010, 16:13
beaver farm

he meant fish catching action Tom, not STI catching action!

10-02-2010, 16:21
he meant fish catching action Tom, not STI catching action!

how long did it take you to come up with that pearl of wisdom lol