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22-01-2010, 17:02
Just a little bit about how my fishing seemed to go backwards last year, but for once it was for the better..

Last year I bought myself a Barbel Rod for a trip away that, evetually didnt materialise. I was itching to try my new bit of kit out so being a member of a local club lake with a nice few carp in, (mainly high singles, mid doubles and the odd twenty) I decided to go back to my youth and have a float fish for a few Carp/Tench at this water. I didnt have a great deal of fishing time then due to work etc so grabbing a single rod & a small bag packed with a few essentials in seemed the perfect way to stil get a bit of fishing in.

Once on the lake it all came back to me (Eventually) and on the second session I had 3 carp on the bank fishing with a small quill float, some pellets and a tin of sweetcorn, all literally within a foot of the bank. It made such a change to sitting behind my rods waiting for a bite, I was travelling so light I would arrive then cover the whole lake dropping bait in any marginal spots I fancied or found signs that the fish visited. By the end of the summer I had literally dozens of spot where I could almost be guarenteed to find fish in certain conditions. Fishing this way has also massively improved my water craft I think as you are much more aware of where to find the fish in different weather, times of day etc etc.

Theres is nothing quite like the excitement of creeping back to a spot I baited a couple of yards off the bank and finding fish feeding on the bait.. Stepping backfrom the edge to bait your hook then gently lowering a float into the now clouded water.... I would sit there on my hands watching the float being knocked about my feeding carp just waiting for it to lift fully to signal a proper bite and then all hell would to break loose.... :eek:

During the hotter part of summer my approach changed and I was flicking free lined bread flake over the top of the reed beds waiting to hear the "Slluurrppp" and see a pair of lips disappear with my bread..

While a lot of anglers were blanking behind their rods all day I was able to creep into all sorts of small spots and follow the fish wherever they showed. Biggest of the year was aroud 16lb, not massive but on a 1.75lb rod & 8lb line feels like a monster.. And if I honest I didnt really weigh most of them as it wasnt about how big they were.

I must say that I cannot wait for the Spring Summer months to arrive and I forgot how much fun it was stalking carp on light tackle..... Carp Fishing is great and I love it, and I will still be fishing my big fish water with full carp set up but I think I just needed reminding that there is more than one way to catch a carp and its not all about the size. Picking up a 3 1/2lb NG after using a subtle approach like that made it feel really cumbersome, it actually felt like a Sea fishing Rod ! ! ! ! :lol:

All I can say is Roll on the Spring/Summer and if you get the chance get out there and have a go. If your 30ish (ahem) like me it will certainly bring back a few memories of hazy Summer days and seemingly uncatchable monster carp swimming out of casting range.. :lol:

Tight lines

22-01-2010, 17:09
Great post :thumbs:

22-01-2010, 17:56
Great piece of writing. Made me think back to the attempts we made to make that float go an extra inch!