View Full Version : Piking in Dorset

19-01-2010, 19:44
Can anyone point me in the direction of some decent piking in Dorset? I've been trying a few local ponds and had only jacks so now looking for new venues with a better chance of some bigger fish.

Have considered the Stour but don't know where to start, I've tried lure fishing along the free Muscliff stretch with some success but very busy and too many bicycles and trolleys in there for my liking!

21-01-2010, 15:41
Try the Royalty fishery in Christchurch, River Avon.



21-01-2010, 23:30
The Stour at Iford on day tickets , Throop Fisheries on the Stour on day tickets all worth a look. The Stour is easier to fish than the Avon ,but more small pike.Local clubs Ringwood and Christchurch have lots of sections of the Avon and Stour.

22-01-2010, 09:47
try warmwell mate you can get day tickets for the specimen lake fish to just under 30 :thumbs:

25-01-2010, 23:42
Never thought of Warmwell, used to walk round the lake when everyone was after the big common in there, even Nash was there once. Are there many pike in there, only mentions carp and silver fish in the bits I've read.

27-01-2010, 17:18
There are quite a few in there and some big ******s to:thumbs:

28-01-2010, 18:09
got to be the stour 2 tackle shops in ringwood 100m apart will put you in the right direction