View Full Version : pet freindly holiday in uk weeks fishing with private swim nexts to lodge etc

17-01-2010, 14:17
rite need some help my misses wants a weeks holiday but she wants to take the vic bulldog with us im after a lodge / caravan with its own private swim nexts to a lake so i can put the rods out and misses can be rite nexts to lodge etc with dog we looked ay waveney lakes this would have been perfect but cant take dog any ideas please some where nice

17-01-2010, 23:49
wildmoor waters, 2 cabins on 2 lakes, each with fishing from your decking. I dont know if your allowed pets tho.

18-01-2010, 04:50
Google Warren Park Farm, maybe what you are after, dogs allowed at cost.

18-01-2010, 07:42

18-01-2010, 07:49
Indio Ponds in Devon

18-01-2010, 08:06

Very comfortable cabins, two lakes, quiet setting.

18-01-2010, 15:35
PM Mate

18-01-2010, 18:12
and back

18-01-2010, 18:38
Try york lakeside cottages, the posher ones have balcony overlooking the lake and you can fish almost under the balcont so a cup of tea from the missus is a arm stretch away

18-01-2010, 21:57
Have a look at rookley on the isle of wight, two lakes one with plenty of 20's and 30's, caravans right next to lakes, we took our dog a few years ago, dont think the rules have changed, you dont get your own swim but can fish very near to caravans, ,it is rookly park near newport and is run by tim oakley , google for more info.:clap:

19-01-2010, 06:18
Waveney valley & Pentney,both in Norfolk have what you want

19-01-2010, 06:52
Apparently waveney no longer allows dogs

19-01-2010, 07:35
waveney would have been the one but as said no dogs . got my eye on another just waiting to hear cheers all lads lower lake lodges also in running

24-01-2010, 18:43
still looking guys any more help

Destination Carp
24-01-2010, 20:06
We went to cobbleacrelakes in Norfolk last year. All very nice (apart from the fish spawning all week and not a fish out for 2 weeks) could see plenty of fish moving around. Not sure if they allow pets in the caravans but others who were camping had pets with them.

No swims attached to the caravans but all the lakes are in spitting distance.

Might go again this year but also looking for something new so if you dont mind could you drop me a PM if you find anywhere..


still looking guys any more help

26-01-2010, 19:43