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19-12-2000, 19:08
I would like to hear your views on baiting campains.
Are you against or for them and do they pay off in the long run?

19-12-2000, 19:17
What is a baiting campaign? Is it gross pre-baiting, if it is how can you be sure you will get to fish that swim? I have been chucked off a swim before because some angler arrived later than me and said he had put in 20kilos of bait, if I had know that I wouldn't have fished there in the first place. I hope I have got the right idea here. Also some baits like nuts and pulses can be very dangerous to fish as you well know and all it would take is one angler not understanding how to prepare these particle baits and it could be disaster.


19-12-2000, 19:17
Hiya, I have only tried baiting campaigns on a couple of occasions. One was on the Thames, we baited up with Maples and boilies for two weeks in an area that we knew the carp visited and we did very well taking fifteen fish in two weeks fishing before it tailed off. The other side of the coin as it were was when I baited up a local club lake for a month before the season with particles and boilies. For the first three nights I caught absolutely nothing then a friend of mine lost one. I had a real bad headache and asked him for a boily, put it on and had a twenty in half an hour. Nothing to do with my bait though.

I think that in the right situation baiting up is very worthwhile but you have to not overdo it and you also have to do it in the right place too. Find a spot where the fish will pick a bait up and then bait up. It really depends on the size of venue and the stocking in that venue as to how much you put in. For example if you are fishing a small stew pond with only five fish in then obviously you would not be advised to put in fifty kilos a day. Similarly if the water is thirty five acres and full of fish then you could put in lots. Sorry I'm starting to confuse myself now lol

19-12-2000, 22:06
a baiting campaign could be either mass pre-baiting before a session or a longer term approach using a specific bait to try and wean the fish onto your bait. both can work and both can fail, but the best results are had over time, using a consistent approach.

unless you are fishing to moving fish, it can only be to your benefit to keep things consistent and regular, especially if you know the fish are eating it...

19-12-2000, 23:20
I agree with Bazza here and one other thought to add to my previous post is that I've had excellent results by sticking to exactly the same bait for the whole season even when things get slow. We all have slow periods during the season and I have heard a lot of anglers talking about how they are thinking of changing bait because they are not catching for a while. The benefit of using the same quality bait for the whole time is not only that you are prebaiting even if you only use small amounts each session but once you have found a bait that you are confident in then that is one part of your fishing that you shouldnt have to worry about again giving you more time to think about rigs, location, the girl next door etc.

20-12-2000, 09:25
I Did my first proper baiting campaign in the closed season this year on a very difficult lake and it paid off very well, I used Groundbait first as the area was weedy then once the Fish (Rudd, Tench etc.) had cleared the weed, Then Went in Trouties, Hemp, Boilies & more Groundbait. I did the campaign for about 1 month and probably put in about 65kilo's of bait in all.
I fished the first week of the season to only 1 take as the fish were spawning most the week, but from then on I had 7 takes and 5 fish during the summer, It may not sound great but last season there were only 5 fish in total caught all year on the lake, so I would class the campaign as a success.

20-12-2000, 18:20
my first campain ended befor it had even started after fishing one day I threw in a kilo of hemp for the following week but then I could not get on the swim the day I went to fish it after being told there was no night fishing on the swim and then the following week a mate of mine was night fishing it and had caught a 22lb mirror off the spot I had baited but it turns out I was not the only one baiting it some of the Tails up field testers were already feeding the same spot but now I have restarted the campain using Tails up so far the fish are holding up in the swim but ducks are a big problem still I'll let you know how it is going Sunday.

20-12-2000, 18:23
I know what baiting campain is thank you its Scorpio who wanted to know.