View Full Version : pro1 versus g5

18-11-2009, 21:00
been offered a pro 1 have a g5 is the pro 1 going to be any better,i'm looking for
pro's and cons of each.


20-11-2009, 23:38
cant really vouch for the g5, but have a pro1 and love it,
its an all round carp anglers camera and does everything you need it to do and more,
the only small detail i would change would be the small viewing screen,
i beleive it has a better lens than the g5 but that is the only advantage it has over the g5 i know of?

21-11-2009, 19:06
Cheers Stomp

what's the battery life like on yours ?

21-11-2009, 20:32
pretty good......... but i do a lot of blanking :lol:

22-11-2009, 08:21
should suit me as well then lol.

i bought it anyway, i'll have a play and decide which i prefer.

thanks for your help.

22-11-2009, 13:14
good cameras pro 1's -adaptable too.

use the s3 myself .

22-11-2009, 13:46
I've yet to have a battery run down on me with the Pro1 though I do carry a spare anyway