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20-10-2009, 16:56
Ok guys, I now want to upgrade from point and shoot digi to DSLR. I want to be able to play around a bit more and get a bit more into the photography side.
Question is i am not really too sure about what I will need, have been looking at the Sony A200 and Nikon D90 are these any good, what sort of kit ie lenses am I going to need etc.

Any help or advise would be appreciated,dont want to buy somthing thats not all that good.:thumbs:

20-10-2009, 17:22
The A200 and D90 are worlds apart, 400 odd different! :lol: I have the A230 and its a cracking bit of kit. The standard kit lenses will do you for most everyday stuff, but for longer range shots, something like a 70-300mm telephoto lens will be needed...


20-10-2009, 17:24
All depends on what your budget is John. The adage that is used a lot when buying SLR gear is that you should spend as much on a lens as you would on the camera itself. There are many good cameras you can pick up cheap(ish) 2nd hand and get a real bargain. The kit lens will do a good job too.

Me, I have a Canon 450D and 18-55IS kit lens. All the time i'm still learning, this will be plenty for me. It's nothing like point and click and as soon as you start to tweak the dials you have to try and work out why you did it, what it has affected and what to do next to make it even better...

Good luck and enjoy learning ;)

20-10-2009, 23:03
Oops sorry shrop,I meant the D60... yeah the D90 is a bit out the budget, missus would have a cow:lol:

What I really want is something to play with whilst im fishing, out walking etc, something I can buy lenses and filters for. Already have a 35mil Slr, Minolta Dynax, but its a pain as you have to wait to see your results, and costly. So have decided to go digital, just not sure what to buy.

Thanks for the input guys, much appreciated:thumbs:

21-10-2009, 11:35
D60 is an excellent starter camera, you should still be able to get one pretty cheap now that it has been replaced by D3000. As mentioned lenses are the crucial thing, more so than camera bodies it really will make a difference. A D60 with say the Nikkor 16-85 would deliver excellent quality. That is not a kit lens but neither is it a top range lens, but a very capable, decent and sharp lens with VR ( vibration reduction )

If you go with D60 only the AFS Nikkors will autofocus. The older AF lenses will be manual focus only.

21-10-2009, 13:23
Your current Minolta lenses may well be compatible with the Sony body's, google dyxum, lots of useful information.

21-10-2009, 17:24
Your minolta AF lenses will definatly fit the sonys I have an A300 and its brill super steady shot inside is very helpfull and means lenses do not need to be stabilised so are cheaper and the sony lenses are superb look at zeiss and G lenses what minolta lenses do you have as I have some for sale at the moment if thats the route you decide to take look for dynax digital very helpfull and freindly sont website.
Also the sony flash system is the best there is

21-10-2009, 18:42
Hi Benny, the lense I have on my Dynax SLR is a Minolta AF Zoom 35-80, whatever that means, dont know if would be any good as I dont really know much about them, it was on the camera when I bought it. Have looked at the Sony's today and its looks a nice bit of kit and well within my budget. Will take a look at the website, thanks fella

22-10-2009, 21:49
Yes it will work no probs however the kit lens on my sony is 18-70mm so you probably wont use it that much as the kit lens has more range

23-10-2009, 21:04
I have the Sony a200, not used it too much but its my first DSLR.

The pictures i have taken up to now have all been excelent mate and its very easy to use.

23-10-2009, 21:52
"If you go with D60 only the AFS Nikkors will autofocus. The older AF lenses will be manual focus only"

be very carefull with body /lens, go and have a play in a camera shop not just jessops , most private/family shops will do a deal these days to get a sale
try to trade in the kit lens for a better lens , 18/200 mm lens will be much better , i have an 18/200 mm lens and dont use anything else now