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24-04-2001, 17:46
after comparing the pictures of the 37lb common which came out to robbie carpenter i am 99% confident (+/- 2.57 standard deviations!) that it is the thorpe park common.

this means that it has gained 10lb in weight over the last 12 months! awesome fish...

24-04-2001, 18:17
Yes I definately agree, I was wondering when someone would point that out, I think it came out around 28lb in the spring last year then 32 1/2 in the autumn, now 37!!!!!! , should be a forty pound common by this time next year, maybe even sooner and it doesn't even look remotely fat at the moment, quite a long frame, so could end up massive. It will be interesting when the other biggies come out over the coming months.....

24-04-2001, 18:24
this does mean that there are still only three known thirty pound fish in the small side, not four as stated in the catch reports.

roll on the weed, then we'll see some big fish...!

24-04-2001, 19:51
surely the horton one...wasn't it was borderline the last time it came out?

24-04-2001, 19:55
ah but which one will be caught first?

<font color=red>S</font color=red><font color=blue>A</font color=blue><font color=green>M</font color=green>

24-04-2001, 20:50
Is this fish a male or female? If it's a female would the weight increase be down to spawn?


25-04-2001, 09:23
i compared the picture to the one i took of starman and it *is* the same fish. i have 99.9996% confidence. six sigma standard deviations.

its the light scales at the front going to darker at the back.

wheres the mug common then? still in there i hope!


25-04-2001, 19:58
Still trying to work out where the hell it is on the big side I should think Sam

25-04-2001, 22:34
i thought the mug common came through the hole in the net, from big side to small. i don't think that it has been banked...

26-04-2001, 19:10
bazza , i imformed that its been out at 28+ winter time lets hope it goes 30+ and still swims in the small side

27-04-2001, 20:11
Thorpe Park in Horton will be out first over 40, Jims gonna bag her when he gets down there. Coome ooooooon!!!!!
Keepin it real ECHO, Rmc etc!

30-04-2001, 07:46
well, lets wait and see. my money is on the mead fish. at least it gets caught!


30-04-2001, 08:18
my moneys on the mead fish as well ,a great catch by a young angler.sam how did you and bazza get on this winter,it was a total blank for me.now this ones for ian how about making the No1 a yearly permit the same as the island it would save a lot of hassle and i am sure most of the regulars would go for it. tight lines steve

30-04-2001, 11:33
alright steve, didnt do too bad over the winter for the pike.

we are on most weekends, pop round for a cuppa!