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01-10-2009, 11:12
Just some advice please a friend of mine is selling the following which im thinking of buying is it good value...

Sony A100
18-70 Lens
1gb Card

Hes after 150.00 is that a fair price???



01-10-2009, 18:35
I have an A 300 brilliant cameras perfect for beginners so easy to use and incamera stabilisation means you dont have to buy stabilised lenses and the recent top end sony lenses aswell as old minoltas are some of the best around.
Check out dynax digital forums for a really helpfull forum for sony users.
Also in the near future I will be selling a minolta 75-300mm lens perfect for begginers and a great second lens for wildlife herons round the lake etc..

01-10-2009, 19:06
Bargain mate, snap it up. Good entry cameras the A100/200s are. I've got the A230 and can't fault it.

SHROP cheers mate money in my pocket waiting to pay the man

13-10-2009, 15:37
I have an a100 and its like some have said, a very good entry level dslr

you are very limited by the std lens but thats true of all dslr's

13-10-2009, 18:00
The standard lens is 18-70mm wheras most others only offer 18-55mm

13-10-2009, 18:04
i guess, but you are still limited

13-10-2009, 18:07
Took this with it


13-10-2009, 18:27
What ISO was that on? There's a lot of noise there, lovely pic though.... cracking cameras the Alpha series... :thumbs:

13-10-2009, 18:43
The noise controll is there only downfall other than that they are pukka

13-10-2009, 19:34
The noise is caused by a poor graphics card or screen resolution, i can see it too LOL

the original picture is hanging in my house and there is no noise

13-10-2009, 21:25
I have top notch graphics and a high-res screen mate! :D

Never had any issues with noise on my A230 though...

13-10-2009, 21:37
Compared to nikon and tamron the noise IS bad I wont shoot at anything over ISO 400 ever and begrudge 400 most of the time it does look worse on a computer and not as bad when printed but I dont print much.
There is some good free software to reduce the noise which can help a great deal.
It is A noted sony problem although I beleive the newer 500 models use a different sensor which is much much better.
Not too sure why the sonys suffer as they make the sensors for nikon which handle it very well.
The SSS Inside can help by allowing you to shoot at slower speeds and consequently a lower ISO can be used.
Or just buy the 70-200 2.8G and 300 2.8G
Search for dynax digital forums for a dedicated sony forum where everone is very helpful and knowledgable.