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20-04-2001, 19:43
Does anyone have any idea what exactly is swimming around in there. Ive heard variouse rumours but nobody I have spoke to really knows much about the place.

22-04-2001, 20:47
that is the island lake no one knows, that is the mystery of fishing there

24-04-2001, 11:46

yappi, can you be more original than that? next you'll be asking what baits work and where to cast!

ian is right, its the mystery that keeps them going. the anglers that fish the big side are a different breed. trust me. it is a hard way of life which ruins relationships, loses jobs and makes you give up fishing.


24-04-2001, 19:37
In that case, it sounds like my cup of tea! Not really, but one day in years to come I might just have a little go at it.

25-04-2001, 17:32
whats all the secrets for,just tell yappi whats in there????

25-04-2001, 18:15
the mystery stems from people not knowing exactly what is in there, not just because they don't want to tell him...!

25-04-2001, 18:44
Well said Bazza. A mate of mine fished there hard for a couple of years and even though he managed to catch a couple over thirty five pounds he told me not long ago that he still didnt really have a clue what was in there.

Now I know this chap pretty well and for him to say that then there could be anything swimming around in there.


25-04-2001, 19:37

25-04-2001, 19:48
i'll certainly be looking off the bridge if we get a nice day in june.

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25-04-2001, 20:34

25-04-2001, 23:19
half the allure of the water is its unknown inhabitants.

you cannot describe what it feels like standing on the bridge and seeing a group of about five fish come in from under the tree on the left, sun themselves and mooch off into the bay on the right. they don't have a care in the world...

it transfixes you. i can well believe the place could make you give up carping...!

26-04-2001, 04:35
A couple of hours on the bridge on a sunny day is a must for anyone who loves watching carp.Sometimes you don't know which side to look at next.Even at the fishin there was a group of pike patroling up and down the net.

26-04-2001, 11:48
And a group of pikeys patrolling the car-park!....Lol!


27-04-2001, 19:50
Do the fish get often seen from the bridge then? I remember seeing some nice pike there at the social.
Surely that would be as good a place as any to start?

28-04-2001, 00:03
I saw some amazing looking fish from that bridge last spring - I took a non fishing mate with me and he was amazed at just how big they looked! Must have seen 10 or so v.large carp swimming around on the big side and quite a few (but notably smaller) fish swimming along the net in lake 1. The best thing I saw though was a 20lb+ Pike slowly glide up alongside a smaller Pike of about 8 to 10lb and then attack and grab hold of it - after a short struggle the big fish let go and the smaller fish got out of there quick smart! The big fish then took up exactly the same position the smaller fish was holding in.


29-04-2001, 16:52
How big would you have put the bigger ones at then??

29-04-2001, 18:36
Was that on the island side Tom

29-04-2001, 20:24
Yes Alex, big side is the island side.

08-05-2001, 20:00
on my first visit to the "bridge" i was lucky to see a
good 25lb plus heavily scaled mirror ,a rough estimate
standing up high on the bridge i know!..it was a beauty
long aswell
a water for the brave.

15-05-2001, 17:45
Everyone tells me they have seen this and that over the bridge, and a mate of mine saw a very good fish a while back, so surely the swim next 2 it would be as good a place as any to start, although I fully respect how hard that lake is!

15-05-2001, 19:47
congrats, alex. you have just fallen into the same trap as everyone else, thinking that the fish feed where they are seen...nothing to do with patrol routes, shallower water, oxygenated water, the fact that it used to be one lake...

15-05-2001, 20:04
I thought that might have been the case, but if the fish are seen there, then you could pick up things like patroll routes in the area, (this coud be one) , and learn from their habits. To me location is the key 2 success (where the fish r feeding of course!!)
Just a thought as from my experience fish are often caught where they are seen ..... but then again Ive never been anywhere like the island lake.
Anyway if the fish were always caught where they were seen then many more would see the bank so Im probably wrong.

15-05-2001, 20:33
i think a lot of it comes down to habit. the net was only put in about five years back, and some of those fish have been in there a bit longer! i think is it one reason why so many of the better, older fish get seen at the bridge but don't get caught often.

still, no harm trying!

19-05-2001, 08:36
EXACTLY.my friend
easier said than done
incidently,how busy is it over the island side
i would imagine not many people fish it,i may be wrong
i know the anglers who do understandibly keep thier cards
close to thier chest`s.
nuff respect

26-05-2001, 16:04
boys Ive heard some shockin storeys about the pikeys down ther how bad is it, another thing is how much are you lookin to pay for the most bog standard of boats that is capable of doin the job...
B lucky

28-05-2001, 15:40
Ive heard some shoking thins about them, but I think that something is being done about this problem.