View Full Version : Decent rivers around Leicester??

samson fin
22-06-2009, 16:31
Can anyone suggest any decent stretches of river within about 20 miles of Leicester, i'd like to try and catch some barble, chub or bream?
I dont mind joining a club or syndicate

Any help much apreciated

25-06-2009, 14:25
you have the trent and the soar on youre doorstep you couldnt ask for more

samson fin
27-06-2009, 18:48
I wouldnt say the trent was on my doorstep still a fair drive, and as for the soar i've not fished it for a few years but the stretches i used to fish werent that good, have you got any suggestions as to wear on the soar?

29-06-2009, 09:49
I would also recommend the trent, yes it is abit of a drive, as I would recommend fishing near clifton just outside nottingham. Has a decent head of all fish and quality chubb, barbel and double figure carp to be had.

Yes you have to drive but definately worth the trip.

03-07-2009, 11:14
30 miles will get you to the Trent from Leicester no probs and as for the Soar I can't think of many areas where you could blank for chub, i'd suggest buying a Loughborough book