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10-04-2001, 19:27
The cats are on the move again! I had been told that the cats were unlikely to be active for a few weeks yet but I had three dropped runs as well as a 21lb 8ozs cat while fishing for carp today. I thought that I had got a real lump as it put up quite a fight before I managed to get it to the net, but I was really surprised to see that it was a cat and not the carp that I thought that I had hooked. Is it usual to pick them up on boilies or was I just lucky that it took the bait and that the hook hold was only just in the very edge of the lip so that it couldn't bite through the line? Whatever, I was well chuffed as it was my first catfish and my first sizeable fish from the Split!

11-04-2001, 07:11

I would expect the cats to turn on this month and it's worth noting that they feed in the day as well as night early in the season. What time of day did you catch it?

Cats on the split lake know all about boilies and carp anglers catch at least as many cats as the catfish anglers who use traditional catfish baits. They really go for smelly fishmeals.

You will often hook cats in the lip (fortunately) as this means your hooklink does not chafe over the teeth.


11-04-2001, 08:25
Well done Unc!!

I bet when I actually fish for the cats.......I don't get them!
I take it you caught it on your newest carp rod and not the barbel rod?! You've got a habit of biding your time then boshing out a whacker.......twenty from Royal Berks....etc.!