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15-12-2000, 18:11
I've looked on Tried and Tested, anyone recommend some waterproof/resistant clothing that is 'breathable' yet still comfortable and allows mobility? £100-140 budget?
I do have a bivvy I'm frozen and still getting soaked!

15-12-2000, 18:29
I have only tried two suits so I cant tell you much but I will say what I learnt about those. I first borrowed a one piece suit from a mate of mine. It was a Nashy one and it was brilliant except when really cold winds blew, then I needed to put my waterproof coat over the top of it. Also if the sun came out you had to undo the front zip because I got too hot.

The other suit is one that I bought in the close season and I have been using it for the last few months. It is a Shakespeare two piece suit and it only cost £50 quid. Apart from the hood being pretty pathetic I cant fault the rest of it for the money. If I get too hot when the sun comes out then I simply take off the jacket. It stops the wind much better than the one piece did and because the legs have zips in the bottoms they easily go over my skeetex boots. I would like to add a couple of points here though and they are, firstly that wearing a wooly hat or something similar helps reduce the loss of body heat greatly. The second point that I think has made all the difference to me feeling like toast when winter carping is that I have a hand warmer that I put in a tummy pocket in my sweatshirt. Ever since I started doing this I have not been cold even in the coldest, windiest weather.

15-12-2000, 19:49
if u have a bivvy then just, close up the door and fire up your gas cooker, give it ten minutes and you will think you are at home in your front room with the rads on full blast, the only problem is i get through the gas a bit quick, but at least im warm, try it

15-12-2000, 23:10
don't fall asleep with the gas burning...

esp drenchwear - fantastic piece of kit.

19-12-2000, 13:05
The blue match two piece suit from MAP is excellent.
It's about £80 now,and is a fleece that is worn separate but then zipped into a 100% waterproof jacket if it gets cold as this is windproof.
The bottom half is bib & braces which are lined and waterproof.These are warmer than trousers as they come further up the front and back!
Two piece suits are far more versatile than one piece and there are many with zip in or out fleeces making it even more adaptable.
I wear mine for pole fishing to carp fishing.....but there are green versions around that are pretty much the same such as the ESP one and Giant etc.......

My MAP one has been brilliant to the extent that I never used to fish in the REALLY cold.....!!!!