View Full Version : Linear "Guys Syndicate" query.

21-04-2009, 17:35
Any body offer any info/advice on the above. A good friend who is not really up to speed with this new fangled tinternet thingy, has been making enquiries and says that it's gone from a long waiting list to being offered a place in May. Now I am pretty sure they lost fish in the floods, but knowing Linear am also fairly sure they would be restocking where required, but he is looking for reassurance before parting with the asking! Understably I suppose. Any info greatly appreciated on the subject. PM if preferred.

Thanks for looking

21-04-2009, 19:06
PM Willow

carfty carper
21-04-2009, 19:09
was offered syndicate ticket ,a month ago ..think its been restocked ,but dnt quote me on that ,,,didnt take ticket ...