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13-12-2000, 19:49
ello all

i am intending on fishing yately as often as possible but due to having just lost my motor and living in portsmouth im in a bit of an awkward situation, anyone know if there is a train station near yately and wether it is easy enough to get to from pompey, any info much appreciated..

cheers lads

14-12-2000, 23:07
I don't know of a station near yately but if you ever need to go anywhere by train try the RailTrack site

Just type in the date,time,point of departure & destination and it will show you all you need

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15-12-2000, 15:15
nice one, many thanks for your help

16-12-2000, 14:02

I fish yateley alot. There is a train station in sandhurst that is about a 15 minture walk from yateley.


22-12-2000, 18:55
Hi Dan
You should be able to get a train from Pompy through to Reading. Train from Reading to Sandhurst about 20 minuets walk from Yateley. For interest 2 stations further on from Sandhurst is Farnbrough North station less than 5 minuets walk from the Frimley complex.
All the best mate. Keep it real.

23-12-2000, 00:31

I am sure if you are visiting yately and post your arrival time here there may be someone who could meet you at the station, If i was there i could pick you up, save you the walk. When you are going submit a post on here and see how it goes mate.


24-12-2000, 23:29
Cheers lads

much appreciated, have a great christmas!!