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03-04-2001, 20:41
Hi frimley fishermen how are we i fished the place pit 3 0n saturday after getting my spring permit, the place is beautiful, i personally didnt catch but was wondering if anyone can tell me how the place is fishing latley!

Also are 2/3 hour trips succesfull as i have a few hours some days after college

cheers all for you responce



05-04-2001, 18:52
What is/are the potential of the other pits?
e.g.most fish, biggest fish etc etc

05-04-2001, 20:38
is easrly morning a good time for a take on pit 3 ?

05-04-2001, 21:59
I would second this, I fished Pit 2 quite a lot last year and most sessions were no more than 5 hours. In total I had 8 20s and lots of mid teens from there. My nephew came with me for a day and he caught 3 20s (his previous best was 10lb.) PVA bags and fishmeal boilys, caught a few off the surface with bread as well

06-04-2001, 22:21
Thanks Ian.

What about 'other' species?

e.g.any big perch? :o)

07-04-2001, 14:05
All this talk is blowing my mind. I just don't know which way to turn as I go through the Frimley gates anymore !

Perhaps I'd better not read anymore and just get stuck in !