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26-11-2008, 11:16
A little witty story that reminded me of memories when I was young and used to fish there ....


Ginger Kev
26-11-2008, 11:42
Good piece Darren, as you say, memories.

I`ve never fished The Coppermill but i think Wanderers been on there a few times, when he`s not working, which is most of the time.

tesco value 2
26-11-2008, 17:15
massive pike in the angling press last week from the Coppermill, I think it was 35?! Huge fish!

26-11-2008, 20:13
Unfortuantly it isn't the little steam it used to be. There used to be huge shoals of dace in there until the commorants slaughtered it. Mind you I havn't been up there for a number of years now so can't really comment on that.

Theres a good head of big fish in there I've seen some wonderfull dark mirrors, some to mid 25s most low doubles.

That 35lb pike must of looked awsome in that little stream.

The swim next to the bridge was the most popular one on the stretch, people used to book it at one time (I think).

It's where I had by PB perch from some 20 years ago at 2lb 8oz, only small in relation to tadays specimens but back then it was good.

27-11-2008, 20:51
I used to fish it alot when i was a boy and enjoyed some of my best days fishing there,the stocks of silver fish were incredible,the water would boil with specimen roach,chub and dace when you through in a hand full of maggots.And along with the barbel and near record perch it must of been one the best coarse fisheries in the country.
So you can imagine how devastated i was when it was cleaned out by comorants in the close season.But it still has a few barbel and carp in there,so it's worth a bash.As for the 35lb pike,well i'm pretty sure that came out of the lower maynard wich runs next to it.;)

30-11-2008, 22:11
She,s not alone,she shares it with some other very impressive pike, i fished stream for year,s and took some incredible fish from it ,it was nothing too take a 3 4 barbel a day sometimes more when they were having it, as for the perch ,my farther actually did a piece for the mail years ago, on a day when he could,nt do a thing wrong ,he took an incredible haul of perch ,and just as the camera,s were packing away he had the biggest of the session ,a fish that was put onto the front pages the following week a huge perch of 3.15 oz and a few grames, not quite four pound,s but i,m sure a day that he still must have great memories of, yes the stream now ,is a mear shadow of what it once was ,but it,s not alone many small river,s and stream,s have suffered , i went a few week,s back before the pike was caught ,and it still hold,s some good fish ,but i,m sure even some of the really big chubb are now gone .I will as many will ,enjoy the wonderful memories i have ,and will still continue too visit this water every so often.

05-12-2008, 19:24
As all have said, this used to be a lovely little water that held some oustanding fish. To be honest I was a bit upset that the pike capture was actually published as it will make such a grand fish open to abuse from all of the worst sort of angler that have the water on their doorstep.

Nice memories of the place though!

06-12-2008, 19:11
sounded like the kind of place that i dream about. being 14 all of those fish sound amazing to me!!

07-12-2008, 22:11
Niknak8888, it still holds some grand fish, just not in the numbers it once did. If you are close give it a go, mate.

08-12-2008, 15:13
I remember catching the bus ,just like in the article I first posted . Buying your ticket from the office and sprinting across the Forest road and sprinting with the tackle to secure the best swims once the gate was open !! "Aah the follies of youth" . If you looked down into the clear water where it was deepest at the weir sort of end you could see very large Barbel and Perch . whereas at the other side next to the pumphouse station you could see very large CARP in the deepest sections . I also spotted huge Carp in the old river beside the pub . Memories of 20 odd years ago .

Sadly the place has suffered from the Eastern European and Cormorant attack in recent years .


08-12-2008, 16:44
I had an eleven barbel catch form the Coppermill when they were pumping the Lockwood out for repair. Would have been 96 - 97'ish. All the barbel in the stretch were collected in the pipe and around the concrete pier that supports the little bridge. Set up at the end of the railings, and walked up and lowered a maggot feeder under the bridge. I had a few bites as I was walking back to my peg. Got through a gallon of hemp and a gallon of maggots. Fished from 10am until I ran out of bait at about 4pm. I also had a 3lb perch that day too. Biggest barbel was 8lb odd. A few were lost too.

08-12-2008, 18:44
It was great little river Paul , i knew LENNY and the other,s really well,my farther bailifed their for year,s too, late at night if you put a torch down over the road bridge you would sometimes see the barbel comimg right up onto the gravel shelf to feed on the hemp and other bait,s that had droped into the margin,s during the day,and then the carp would move down aswell. Iremember the roach shoal,s best,one handfull of hemp would have huge roach rolling and spinning,it,s such a shame that we lose such great little river,s like this.

08-12-2008, 22:50
Could it ever be restored to it's former glory?:confused:

09-12-2008, 08:04
Could it ever be restored to it's former glory?:confused:

Remove the Black plague, stop the Eastern Europeans removing fish and restock with good strains of Dace and Roach, then yes it's possible. The water quality is as good as it ever was, the recent huge Pike is testament to that.

09-12-2008, 08:43
Does anyone think that Pike and another very Big Pike are native to the Coppermill Stream.

Can only be surviving on Chub and Perch, as there is nothing else left with Cormerants living in Hundreds on the islands !!


09-12-2008, 19:33
Bob ,i,m almost certain it,s been in the river for a while ,i,ve seen other,s ,think they maybe come from lower or no 1 ,yes apart from the few barbel that are left,the pike are eating anything that move,s including the big chubb and perch,as their number,s seem really low now, their,s lot,s of small fry coming on ,but as paul said,it,s not just one problem Bob it,s many ,they sell day ticket,s too all sort,s and you know who i mean ,along with this the cormarent,s well number,s would,nt like too guess just a joke.The water itself is imaculate ,but no good putting fish in if they can,t resolve at least the the first few problem,s, i know the N R A and THAMES WATER ,do alot of work that we sometimes don,t see,but surely these small river,s are as important as other,s.

10-12-2008, 10:05
I remember one hot day, maybe 8-10 summers ago when I had a little look along the river. It had been hot and dry for sometime and the oxygen levels were well down.

When I came to the pipe just above the small bridge I found six carp that looked to be ranging from good teens to thirty odd, they had their noses pointing very close the the pipe that was pouring out water from the resi and was obviously carrying more oxygene than the river. It was during the season but I had no tackle with me as I was just taking a look, but I did have half a loaf of bread that I was pulling bits from and just 'testing' a few swims with.

I watched the carp for sometime and they let me get pretty close, so, just out of curiosity I flicked a couple of bits of squeezed flake into the water comming out of the outflow pipe and just about as soon as it was seen it was scoffed up with glee, it was like feeding goldfish in a garden pond. This went on for sometime untill two anglers came along and actually stood on the pipe cover looking out along the river, I think they thougt I was feeding the ducks that had gathered around, either way neither off them saw any of the carp as they slid out to deeper water and under a large growth of weed. It may have been ungentlemanly of me but I just let them have a look around and wander off without mentioning anything about the carp I could't help thinking that they would have been just too easy and by that time I had built a sort of paternal feeling for them. Mind you if I had had some gear with me it might have been different story.

10-12-2008, 16:43
I used to fish here in the late 80's and early 90's.I used to live on an estate that came down to the Lea at Springfield Marina.We used to sneak into the ressie complex at night.
We crossed over the railway line,and walk along to where the stream came out.There was a ladder that we used to climb over.Caught some good fish at night.We were only young so we took the pee,I guess?

Even then there were some cracking Pike.One close season I was having walk and their were two maybe 20's laying nose to tail,in one of the culverts that joined the number 1 ressie to the stream.

Over the years had some good Eels and Chub out of the stream.Not been over there fro about 15 years now.It was a great place though at the time.