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23-11-2008, 00:20
alright fella

i would like to start fishing for carp at rivers and canals . I live in Essex and i am not sure where to fish and what areas off the cals or rivers hhold carp . please help me out

cheers john

23-11-2008, 08:55
Ask in your local tackle shop mate.

Also where in Essex are you?

23-11-2008, 09:45
Ask in your local tackle shop mate.

Also where in Essex are you?

i am from benfleet :thumbs:

27-11-2008, 09:20
You need to get out and about not many people are going to give you there secrets as most river Carp in Essex are hard to come by on a regular basis.The obvious places are where people feed ducks and other water fowl,permanent moorings,If you want to see some Carp go to Chelmsford during the summer and watch them in the town centre.

27-11-2008, 11:10
Stour around Sudbury has plenty of carp
Also the Gipping

Get hold of Neil Waytes book

04-12-2008, 07:10
Get out on the canal.s come spring ,and you,ll find the fish ,catching them ,well travel light,and take plenty of water.

04-12-2008, 10:41
There are no carp in any river in Essex. So don't even bother looking. :suspect:

04-12-2008, 13:08
There are a few stretches that hold carp.
You'll see a fair few just by walking the rivers in the summer.
A bit of prebaiting you will have them

27-12-2008, 12:06
Stour around Sudbury has plenty of carp
Also the Gipping

Get hold of Neil Waytes book
Not being to picky i hope but both of these are in suffok and he is the other end of essex!

27-12-2008, 16:47
river stort ,that run,s through harlow not bad during early summer.

30-12-2008, 16:13
No carp in the stour at sudbury/bures either mate, erm they all swum away!!!!

04-01-2009, 22:26
Well there are some carp in the Lee Navigation but location is the issue. The same is true of the River Stort around Harlow they are there but tracking them down is an issue. You may be better off checking out the river Chelmer as it is your nearest river and i have heard of carp in there.

05-01-2009, 19:13
If you don,t mind travelling mate the lea down at walthamstow ,hold,s a few like the other,s have said ,and ive said before location is the first thing ,but remember river carp are very nomadic and will roam for miles,got too find where they get their heads down , i used small pva stick,s with crumb and chopped boilies ,threading the hook link through on a quick change clipp ,worked well for me,but sometimes all you need is bread and worm,s,any way ,good luck and tight lines.

06-02-2009, 23:36
no carp in essex rivers? river roding passingford bridge mirror carp 18lbs river roding patch park common carp 23lbs

07-02-2009, 03:53
Hi unlucky 4 living in benfleet, like thay say someones gota, enyway river lea, below dunlop bend there is a lock, begins with c, sorry cant remember name enyway below that lock is very good, does 20s but unlikley, i ve done well on single tiger on a short hare fished tight to the arse of a boat, you c em in the summer, its not a secret stretch but dont get hammered, its day ticket, if you fish the stakes, wooden mooring poles fish locked up, good luck and dont fish till u find em or u will blank most times

07-02-2009, 03:54
An there are no carp in essex

07-02-2009, 09:57
no big carp

07-02-2009, 18:05
Carp out the roading, thats pukka

07-02-2009, 20:17
the roding i look after has commons mirrors and leathers. they dont swim together they stay in there own groups. they are hooked more by accident
than by design, the 18 came out on cheese cube. there are no simmo,s there.

07-02-2009, 20:31
I would love 2 catch a carp out of there, might have a look in the summer, cheers.

07-04-2009, 20:56
:wave: Loads of carp in chelmer mate,u need to get out as often as u can and look look look.they v.cagey, esp nearer town.most baits.boilies or tigers best, other baits attract chub roach etc.

11-05-2009, 22:41
i also like the river stort as a good winter fishery with chub perch and pike to go for all along the river while the roach shoal up god knows where

12-05-2009, 10:27
roding sounds your best bet:thumbs:

26-05-2009, 19:53
had some good results from the chelmer