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21-10-2002, 11:18
My first season on the Boat Pool is just about to run into the colder months.....so any help would be great on catching some cold weather carp.
Is it worth fishing this lake during winter or do the fish switch off when the cat anglers finish bulk baiting?
I will be baiting quite heavily during the cold weather depending on what occurs......and concentrating on the margins mostly.
Do the carp tend to hole up in one area or spread out? Am I better off targeting the middle of the pond rather than waste my time in the margins?

Still after a couple of fish in there....and would love them in their winter colours and winter weight!!


21-10-2002, 13:18
Who says the cat anglers stop baiting bulk baiting over the winter !!!!!!!!!
you keep baiting the margins mate as your saving me money
lol lol lol lol lol lol /forum/images/icons/wink.gif

21-10-2002, 14:00
Sorry...how flippant of me.......only there's hardly an angler on there now, so made the bad assumption that it'd equal less pellets and boilies going in.../forum/images/icons/wink.gif.....

Pleased to hear the pants are clean...../forum/images/icons/laugh.gif.

21-10-2002, 17:52

My young carp angler friend,,,,,,,,,
Fear not for being flippant,,,,,,as most would assume the same,
However i have heard on the carp/cat vine that our fellow anglers on the boat pool are of the crafty nature,
As they have a few tricks up there somewhat slimy sleaves.
You cannot even bait a swim without being seen or heard about my boy.
All i would say is leave no trace of your baiting, as they will be on it like vultures on a rotting carcas,
tread quitely through the dark nights to avoid being seen as even that camo jacket of yours last night was clearly not camo enough !!!!!!!!!!
Just because you secretly baiting a small area with your nice smelling carpies baits, dont just assume that those crafty cat fiskermen are not piling in their stinky baits in rather large ammounts on the same spot

My advise to you for the carpies young smarts would be this:
follow in the footsteps of those that have trodden the horton banks before you my son,
The carpies in all the ponds on that complex are clever little devils although they do like the taste of the old ice reds, carefully placed on a small area of gravel with a wee water soluble bag containing one or maybe even on a good day 2 freebies...........
I hope this may have been of some help to you and may your winter baiting strategy draw the fish in from every corner of the pond.



p's thanks about the pants

p'p's watch out for the birds in them reeds, they like the old ice reds too /forum/images/icons/wink.gif

21-10-2002, 23:06
Stop smoking that stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

22-10-2002, 08:13
Those them boilies in the reeds were for the aforementioned birdies......pets you see...../forum/images/icons/wink.gif
I was distraught to have disturbed the rabbits also playing in the reeds, ring-a-ring-a-roses I think it was.

Your identity remains a secret.....though must have been one of the folk on there Saturday......'twas a good ploy to disguise yourself in a crowd!!....

Your advice has been gratefully received....

22-10-2002, 14:26
Very thoughtfull of you young smarts to feed the local bunnies,
I have found they prefer the odd carrot though rather than boilies,,,,,
I had the pleasure of feeding the local swans over the weekend, mummy daddy and baby swam witin 1 foot of me taking bread from by hand,

life is good at the pond !!

If i would be excused by refering to a book a good friend of mine wrote,
"the art of pre baiting" by J R Hartley you will see the that the ultimate pre baiter will have diguise down to a tee.
you may have thought i was even there at the time yet i may have been hundreds of miles away /forum/images/icons/wink.gif

yet the result in the long run would still be the same by boy.
There are eyes watching your every move, even the cute little bunnies are bribed to give infomation my boy /forum/images/icons/wink.gif

you keep treading quietly and carefully my friend and you will achieve the targets you seek.
although dont just bait one spot.
bait up to 3 or 4 regularly and fish the ones with the bait being eaten on it. this way you can also follow the wind rather than just fishing the one swim no matter what be the precipitatory conditions.

Once again if i may be forgiven, do i refer to my good friends book, "the art of ahieving your targets" again by J R Hartley

"thou shalt not give away thou's identity until thou's targets havest beenest achieved"

keeping it shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

yours Bobbie

22-10-2002, 14:41
It would have rude to have baited anywhere else due to other anglers on the lake.....so stuck to a spot where I have taken some fish most recently.......keeping it gentlemanly conduct an' all that!

Look forward to meeting you over the cold period on the 'pisturesque pond' where the challenge of our different baits will be won or lost....

PS...I was amazed and deeply upset that you could see me in my 'camo' coat......I thought it made me 'fade away' into the background unlike, for example, a fashion accessory.../forum/images/icons/wink.gif

Here's hoping the lake is ours alone this winter, (no-one down on Sunday at all!)....

22-10-2002, 14:58
smarts by good friend,
just one last comment before i must dash off to do some washing,
you see i am running a little low on clean ones,

this is where i see a flaw in your plan.
your observations skills are lacking a wee bit my boy.
there was indeed at least one angler on the pool of boats on sunday.
tucked away in a nice little swim watching a somwhat large common for a few hrs i have been informed,,,,,,,

whether our paths shall cross or whether they will not all boil down to those pre baiting skills i refered to just a short while ago,
as if you have leanrt anything from these short lessions my lad we will not in deed cross paths untill one would be camera holding and the other with a lump in his arms.

once again i quote
"thous identity shalt not be'est given awayest until thous targets haveth beeneth achieved"

fade away in that coat of yours my friend,
i'm sorry to say not the case,
what you need to improve that coat of yours so that you have the stealth and cunning of a true stalker like myself would be a roll of gaffer tape and a large conifer

see chapter 4 in my good friends book:

"how to disguise himself to look like a real conifer tree" by J R Hartley

until our targets are met my winter fishing friend.
may your lines be tight, and not just because you are using heavy back leads !!!!!!!!!!



22-10-2002, 15:32
Ha...ha!! Oops.....I did see you, but only when you reeled your lead in from open water off the small point. But hey!....after the summer being packed as it was, it was as if no-one else was there!!
Wish I'd walked round to see you.....then your identity wouldn't be bugging me.../forum/images/icons/laugh.gif.

Look forward to pointing the camera....or being flashed at myself../forum/images/icons/wink.gif.

Unfortunately, I only had a reluctant small mirror for company that afternoon, though spooked a biggie after packing up when having a nose around....not sure who jumped the most!!Â…but proves:
1) My camo is not that goodÂ…
2) I am too heavy of footÂ…
3) IÂ’ve lots to learn in the art of stealth and would welcome wise learnings from your close associate, Mr Hartley (JR).


22-10-2002, 16:18