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14-10-2002, 14:04
In line with RMC & Defra policy on sturgeon - what happened to this fish?

14-10-2002, 14:20
And then what happened to it ????

14-10-2002, 14:34
Which was the point of Catmans post i believe ????

Stand back and await deletion...../forum/images/icons/wink.gif - you will be asymilated LOL

Funny looking thing wasnt it - must be in a holding tank somewhere i presume....did it fight hard


14-10-2002, 14:39

14-10-2002, 14:40
mmm - tasty greek salad and swimming mutant sir?

14-10-2002, 15:58
Sold to Fortnum & Masons for fresh caviar production!! /forum/images/icons/wink.gif


14-10-2002, 16:52
no it didn't fight particulary hard, most of the time tail walked though even in winter.
most stupid fish i have ever caught,
ever landed a fish on ya marker ???
ever caught the same fish 3 times in less than 20 hrs,
lots of stories with that fish

and i dont believe it is in a holding tank anymore either.

but i'm not incriminating myself by taking your measle effort at baiting........lol

14-10-2002, 17:22
to re quote catmando... if i may...

" in line with RMC and DEFRA policy on sturgeon.... why was it in the lake in the first place"

sorry guys but....
naughty naughty.....

14-10-2002, 17:56
maybe sturgeon are like eels and can cross small amounts of land on damp nights.
maybe a pikie put it in one of the surrounding lakes and it got through the fence into the boat pool,

guess you'll / we'll never know,

14-10-2002, 18:00
Post deleted by Garth

14-10-2002, 18:04
maybe it slipped off everyones unhooking mat just before they were about to do that.
and somehow managed to get back in the water,
no reason to carry on with this as what has been said is more than likely all that will be said,
RMC have removed the fish as instructed end of story

14-10-2002, 18:23
oh i dont expect to get answers ! !
but why not ask questions ? just because its our beloved RMC doesnt make them imune to question does it ????
with what we read from RMC with regards to stolen fish/ illegal stocking/ illegal imports... it seems funny to me that they had to be instructed to remove a fish that was illegally stocked and was imported for ornimental reasons only. is it not true that any sturgeon that are release into waterways.. if caught.. are surposed to be killed ?
fair enough.. you didnt want to kill it.. but they DO have holding tanks at horton where it could have been safely kept until someone came to take it away....

expecting this to be deleted anyway...

14-10-2002, 18:26
if your expecting it to be deleted then i wont bother making a lengthy reply

14-10-2002, 18:32
no please do !
ill read it before they get to it ! !

14-10-2002, 18:44

I may or maynot know the history of the fish, But as you will understand it is not my place to say.
If you would like info on the fish then email Ian as it's his call whether anyone is to know or not, not mine.
All i would say is that RMC are against illegal imports whether is a carp, cat or sturgeon so trust me the stranger was not an illegal import. I know of a few lakes which held sturgeon a good few years ago so maybe the rules have changed, i have no idea !!! i know they have concerning catfish as they aren't native to the UK so maybe they have changed the rules for sturgeon as well since the fish found it's way there.

Defra or whoever the organisation is have requested the fish to be removed, or the Horton complex have decided to move it themselves and this "HAS" been complied with,
I saw the fish leave the complex myself.
so with ref to any laws etc, surely they have followed them, otherwise Defra and co would have had much more involvement if they thought something "fishy" was going on.......lol sorry that was terrible !!!!!!! /forum/images/icons/wink.gif
also i dont think Ian would have put this up on the site, nor allowed the fish to be in the anglers mail if he had anything to hide,,,,,,,,

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14-10-2002, 22:57
Sounds crazy that one??

15-10-2002, 08:59
so was it removed and destroyed?

15-10-2002, 15:53
of course it was mate!